Dianna Forsberg

About Dianna

Dianna ForsbergDianna Forsberg is an award winning bikini athlete, fitness model, fitness spokesperson and health enthusiast. Known for competing against the best and still holding her own, this beauty has the body and personal story that serves as inspiration for professional athletes and the everyday woman alike.

While many of her competitors have been in the industry for five or more years, Dianna’s physical transformation started only three years ago following several health issues that motivated her to make better health and fitness choices. After placing 5th in her first fitness competition, she became committed to the sport and today has over ten fitness competition awards and recognitions including 2nd Place Masters at the 2013 North American Championships, 1st Masters at the 2013 NPC Dallas Europa and “Overall Champ” for the 2012 NPC Oklahoma Battle of the Bodies.

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Each day we have the ability to change our health and fitness, so that our life is fulfilling and empowering.