Dianna Forsberg

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began in 2010 after encountering back to back health issues that resulted in several frightening experiences in the hospital. From a breast cancer scare and being told that I had the colon of a 55 year old man to months of internal bleeding, my health and life was in chaos and I was in trouble. It was during this time of fear, uncertainty and reflection that I made a vow to begin “living a healthy lifestyle and to never turn back.”

Before & After 2011 befaf02 forsberg-beforeafter-2011-02

Before & After Pics: January 2011 | May 2011


That year, I made a New Year’s resolution to start a 12-week transformation challenge through BodyBuilding.com. I began researching fitness competitions and came across stories from women in their thirties who had made complete life and body transformations. I was amazed by the results and became motivated to take a complete plunge into making my own transformation. I took the advice that was given by many of the body building competitors and fitness models which was to, “Be consistent with nutrition to get results. There is no magic pill, just hard work and consistency.” They were exactly right. By the time I completed my 12 week challenge, I had successfully lost 15 pounds and was healthier and more confident than I had been in my entire life!

I became committed to remaining healthy and with my new lean body, was inspired to enter my first body building bikini competition. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I won 5th place! My hard work and consistency had paid off and I knew that I was forever changed. There was absolutely no way that I would ever go back to my unhealthy habits. Placing in that competition and seeing my photos from that day inspired me to want more from the sport and to constantly challenge myself to reach higher fitness levels.

I can honestly say that these past three years have been a rewarding journey both mentally and physically. I am in the best shape of my life and committed to helping others live a healthy lifestyle without ever turning back!